Sedation Dentistry

Newbury Park, California Sedation Dentistry-Igal Leizerovich, DDS 

Sedation dentistry offers a safe way for some patients to overcome anxiety and experience a comfortable dental visit.  With sedation dentistry, we can often complete several dental procedures in just one appointment. 

New and safe sedation techniques may have many benefits for you.  Our Newbury Park family & cosmetic dental office offers two forms of conscious sedation dentistry, Oral Conscious Sedation and IV Sedation.   

IV Sedation also known as Deep Conscious Sedation is administered at our Newbury Park dental office by a licensed Dental Anesthesiologist.  With this type of sedation, medications are administered directly into  the blood stream through an IV.  The drugs used for IV Sedation are more effective then the same drugs taken orally. There is a more profound amnesia associated with this technique.


Oral sedation allows many patients to be comfortably, minimally sedated through their entire dental visit by taking medication orally, one hour before their dental appointment. 

It is important that when choosing oral sedation, that you have a friend or family member drive you to your appointment and pick you up after your appointment.   

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